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You don't earn nearly as much as you think you do. Use the table below to calculate your WIRE (What I Really Earn). Read here to see what this is all about.

Complete the following to calculate your WIRE (What I Really Earn)

Gross salary (What you think you earn!) 
Net income (after tax and deductions) 
Leave days per year 
Commute distance (Total km to work and back) 
Car cost per km-Find out using the AA calculator
(eg. between R3/km for a R50k car to R8/km for a R500k car)  
Minutes spent in commute (Total to work and back) 
Minutes spent unwinding after work  
Average number of unpaid overtime hours per month  
Lunch cost per day  
Annual amount spent on work clothes  
Monthly Daycare/After school care costs  
Monthly Housekeeper and/or gardener costs  
Monthly spend on relaxation activities  
Amount spent on holidays per year  
Other monthly work related expenses  
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