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Should I stay or should I go... to a cheaper fund? More details here.

Complete the following to calculate if switching is a good idea

How much do you have invested? 
What are your transaction costs for switching?
For Easy equities TFSA use 0.74%, for ABSA TFSA use 0.484%
Don't forget the buy/sell spread on ETFs can add another 1% 
Any other switching costs (capital gains, penalties etc.)? 
How many years until you plan on withdrawing the money? 
What is the total expense ratio (also called the TER) of the current fund?  %
What is the total expense ratio of the new fund?  %
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Apparently I need a disclaimer here: This information is not advice as defined and contemplated in the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 37 of 2002, as amended. Please only use this information as a guide, it is an indicative calcualtion only. Do not base any decisions on it without getting proper advice from someone with a license to advise!